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What's in your drawer, what's in your bag?

Real Simple has a post up by Kristin Appenbrink about the essentials in your office drawer. I can relate to this as over the past 10 years of an "office job" my needs have grown. For example I never used to store xylitol (sugar substitute) in that drawer. Sadly now necessary : ) My list includes: tissues, handcream, emery board, gum/mints, anti-bacterial computer and phone wipes, saftey pins, Nurofen, Vitathion, plasters, Rooibos Chai tea, mini deoderant, it goes on...

The essentials drawer photo above from

Her post made me think about the flickr group 'What's in your bag?'
I must admit upfront that the image I've posted here does not accurately reflect what I carry around in my handbag, noticably absent are wallet, Moleskin diary and carefully edited are the rest of the debris that accumulates at the bottom of whatever handbag I am currently using... coins, parking tickets, receipts etc.

I suspected, and was correct, that there would also be a "What's in your fridge" group. I think we have to draw the line somewhere though - I'm not sure I want to see the contents of anyones trash...

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You're a lot neater than I am....I love Rooibos chai tea too!

design for mankind.

Oh I love this series! :)


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